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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

As the popularity of alternative medicine continues to rise, the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are a popular option for patients looking to optimize health and manage pain – reducing the need for traditional surgeries or pharmaceuticals. Using your body’s natural healing capacity, PRP helps reduce swelling, improve range of motion, promote the healing of soft tissues, and much more.

What is PRP?

Due to growth factors released by platelets and chemical signals secreted by leukocytes (white blood cells), PRP stimulates healing in musculoskeletal connective tissues by recruiting and proliferating other healthy cells. PRP has shown the most clinical benefit in the repair of acute and chronic soft tissue injuries, such as tears in tendons and muscles – current evidence suggests that platelet concentrations at least 3 times above naturally occurring levels provide effective treatments.

How is PRP extracted?

PRP is created by drawing a small quantity of blood from the patient and using a centrifuge to isolate layers of red blood cells, platelets, white blood cells, and plasma. The platelet and white cell layer are centrifuged again to isolate the platelets. Finally, A small amount of purified plasma is added to the platelets to create the injectable PRP treatment. The PRP procedure can be conducted in the hospital and under no anesthesia.

What conditions are treated with PRP?

PRP therapy accelerates several kinds of internal healing processes and helps to treat many conditions such as:

  • Advanced post-surgical pain control & healing

  • Chronic and acute joint inflammation

  • Acute injury

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Soft tissue damage

Interested in PRP?

PRP offers an alternative and safe cell therapy to relieve the pain of joint disease or injury while promoting natural healing and reduced recovery time. Skevos can help your veterinary practice utilize PRP by offering individualized training and customer care. Contact me at (312) 344-3272 or click here for more information!

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