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The system includes the flexibility to work with small animals to large breeds to horses by enabling 15mL, 30mL, 60mL, or 120mL whole blood volumes.

RegenVET single spin centrifugation the system will save valuable time, with a standard PRP process taking 15 to 20 minutes, start to finish.


Product Specifications

Higher Concentration. Faster Results

RegenVET’s revolutionary XCELL PRP kits are precise and easy to use. Our kits have been designed to generate a PRP concentration up to 9x baseline delivering a massive 9 – 20 billion platelets per injection.

Our 60ML kits have the flexibility to produce as little as 1ML of extremely concentrated PRP or up to 8ML of a highly-concentrated PRP sample.

Bench-Top Processing Station

Our Bench-Top Processing Station (BPS) speeds up the process and simplifies PRP extraction.  The BPS also gives you full control over the volume, the concentration, and the mixture of your injectables.  

Some systems give you a limited PRP volume to work with… or poor platelet concentration… or the inability to control leukocyte levels when working with various conditions.  The RegenVET system gives you the ability to augment your PRP solutions effortlessly.

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